What is Machine Learning?

About Machine learning


Welcome to a new world! Gone is the age where humans alone could learn naturally. Machines too could do the same today, even effectively. This giant leap is made possible by the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning through the form of AI enables computer programs to evolve naturally as they are being put to use. Have you ever been on a website and your kind of stuffs just starts appearing? This personalized ad system that displays the kind of items you’d love to purchase was made possible by machine learning. Other common areas of the machine learning utility are in fraud detection, feeds system, threat detection etc.

Data scientists are the Albert Einsteins in this field. They are involved in the development of machine learning. The operations of machine learning rest on some wild algorithm. Generally, there is the supervised and unsupervised algorithm.

Supervised algorithms require the sapience of data scientists in breeding it to the point where it can function independently. Data scientists call the shots here. They determine the variables and features the algorithm works on to make adequate predictions. Once the breeding process is concluded, the algorithm continues to perform and develop on what it has been taught. The unsupervised algorithm is just the opposite of this; it works only on its own from the start. It achieves this through the power of deep learning.

Machine Learning Tools and Frameworks


This is an open source software that elicits computational ease on some platforms. Some of these platforms are CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, etc. this ease also extends to clusters of servers, even to mobile devices. Sensor flow machine learning tool is credited to Google; a level of excellence should automatically be anticipated. TensorFlow radically enables Machine and deep learning. This accounts for its dynamic utility in eclectic scientific domains.


OpenNN is a super Machine learning software and a neural networks library. It has embedded in it a sophisticated algorithm that sufficiently sees to regression, classification, forecast, and association. The interface of OpenNN is simple and easy to operate. This software has to its credit many These suggested software problems it has single-handedly solved in health, marketing, etc. OpenNN is a pro analytics software. It is surprisingly free.

Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout was crafted with data scientists in mind. It gives them a platform Basic knowledge. The software is dynamic in its support for backends whether distributed or extended. Apache Mahout one has to be tried out to experience swiftness, efficiency, and Machine learning on a whole new level.

HPE Haven OnDemand

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s haven OnDemand is a machine learning platform that has evolved to be readily available on a commercial scale today. It enables developers to materialize their vision of applications that are not data starved. HPE Haven OnDemand’s features include speech recognition, image recognition, classification and analysis services. The API present on it allows for recommendation that can be adjusted or trained to suit ones purpose. The already amazing Machine learning tool is under development, and it is still being improved upon as the day goes by.

A great machine and learning tool constitute magnificently to excellence in machine learning operations. These suggested software are some of the most effective in undertaking your Machine learning activities. They are not only restricted to professionals; you could use them as a learner too. A basic knowledge in using computers like knowing how to turn off VPN on Windows 10 could be a pointer to the fact that you could attempt a Machine learning tool’s interface.