Expert workshops

These smaller meetings bring together mainly senior researchers with diverse backgrounds, both in terms of the species they work on and the approach and methodology they use. Their discussions are to facilitate the development of novel theoretical and empirical syntheses that can lead to new, groundbreaking research.

CompCog supports the following two kinds of expert workshops:

“Regular” workshops:

These bigger workshops of classical format bring together 12 to 15 experts and last for 3 to 4 days.

CompCog finances 6 “regular” workshops, and at maximum 10000 Euro is provided for such an event.

Discussion meetings:

These smaller meetings give an opportunity to 12 experts to come together for 2 days and to discuss a specific topic without any formal requirements. These meetings were specifically created for facilitating highly targeted, project-related communication, and as such, they are expected to be the crystallization points of already ongoing, vigorous discussions.

CompCog supports 13 such meetings, and the maximum budget available for each is 8000 Euro.