Exchange visits


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Exchange visits


Pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students can spend 3 months in another lab to run short-term research projects, and thereby learn different research methodologies and theoretical approaches as well as experience directly working with different species.

CompCog finances 8 exchange visits, 3 months each (applying for 1 month extension is possible if well-justified on a scientific basis).


CompCog Collaborative Research Projects 2011


The CompCog Collaborative Research Projects (CompCogCRP) scheme was proposed following the 2nd Transfer-of-Knowledge conference of CompCog (25-27 May 2011, Prague, Czech Republic), and aims at supporting the training of a new generation of early stage researchers on the field of human and non-human animal cognition and behaviour as well as the development of investigator-driven, comparative and collaborative benchmark research projects in the field. The CompCogCRP scheme is designed to promote the collaborative planning and execution of comparative behavioural research, the development of rigorous and ecologically relevant research methods as well as of evolutionarily valid species comparisons in line with the objectives of the CompCog network.


The CompCogCRP scheme is a novel initiative with a two-stage procedure regarding application as well as support. In Stage 1, based on written applications from up to 4 co-applicants, outlining concept, research questions and overall methods an initial selection of up to 6 CompCogCRPs will be shortlisted, that will be invited to a joint workshop in May 2012, Vienna, Austria. In Stage 2, during this workshop the projects will be presented and discussed by peers, including the applicants for other projects and, as such, will receive valuable contributions to the development of their conceptual framework and methodological details. Based on the final form of the applications developed during this process, 2 of the 6 projects will be selected by the end of the workshop. The student applicants of these 2 projects will be financially supported for 6 months to collect data in the research laboratories contributing to her/his CompCogCRP.


One of these 2 projects is expected to compare at least 3 different species in a certain cognitive/behavioural domain whereas the other project shall compare the performance of a single species in 3 different research institutions using either novel methods or replicating already published results.


The 2 projects approved in 2011 are being executed now and will be presented on the closing conference of CompCog in June 2013.


Download the Application Guidelines and the Application Form  

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